Jaula Tentáculo
Kanji 触檻 (ハウラ・テンタクーロ)
Rōmaji Haura Tentakūro
English Spanish for "Cage Tentacle",

Japanese for "Tactile Cage"

Technique Type Resurrección
User Luppi Antenor

Jaula Tentáculo (触檻 (ハウラ・テンタクーロ), haura tentakūro; Spanish for "Cage Tentacle", Japanese for "Tactile Cage") is a technique used by Luppi Antenor in his Resurrección, Trepadora.[1]


Enclosing the intended opponent from every direction by utilizing all eight of the tentacle-like limbs emanating from his back, Luppi attacks with a potent lunge from all eight at once, intending to crush the target using simple brute force.[2] While functioning in a manner akin to his Lanza Tentáculo, this technique is superior as, by besieging an opponent from multiple angles simultaneously, it leaves little to no opportunity for them to either escape or evade the attack.[1]


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Luppi Antenor Techniques

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