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Jūgeki Byakurai (Kaizō Kidō)
JūgekiByakurai(Kaizō Kidō)
Kanji 重撃白雷 (改造鬼道)
English Heavy-Strike Pale Lightning (Modified Kidō)
Technique Statistics
Type Hadō
Used By Shinigami
Signature User Kisuke Urahara

Jūgeki Byakurai (Kaizō Kidō) (重撃白雷 (改造鬼道), Heavy-Strike Pale Lightning (Modified Kidō))[1] is a Kidō spell.


A modified version of Hadō #4. Byakurai. Unlike its unmodified counterpart, this spell takes the appearance of a red beam powerful enough to pierce through a durable foe, such as Sōsuke Aizen, from a considerable distance.[2]



Known Practitioners


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