Infinite Slick
Kanji 無限の滑走(インフィナイト・スリック
Rōmaji Infinaito Surikku
English Japanese for "Infinite Glide"
Technique Type Arrancar Technique
User Pesche Guatiche

Infinite Slick (無限の滑走(インフィナイト・スリック), Infinaito Surikku; Japanese for "Infinite Glide") is a technique used by the Arrancar, Pesche Guatiche.


Pesche Guatiche can spray a green, translucent liquid from his mouth. When this fluid touches a surface or an object it can greatly reduce its friction. This allows projectile weapons, if hit, to simply slide off him upon impact. He can also cause opponents to lose their footing if he coats the floor with the liquid.[1][2] However, this technique has limitations as Pesche does not have an unlimited supply of the fluid, despite the name of the technique.[3]


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