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Indice Radar
Kanji 捜指法 (インディセ・ラダール)
Rōmaji Indise Radāru
English Spanish for "Mark Radar"

Japanese for "Searching Way"

Technique Type Pesquisa
User Nnoitra Gilga

Indice Radar (捜指法 (インディセ・ラダール), indise radāru; Spanish for "Mark Radar", Japanese for "Searching Way")[1] is an advanced variation of Pesquisa which is unique to Nnoitra Gilga.


Thrusting his index finger into a grounded surface, Nnoitra generates a luminous yellow trail, which rapidly extends outwards in the direction of another individual's Reiatsu.[2] Once the trail is connected to the desired target, Nnoitra can use it to discern their general location and accurately gauge the amount of Reiryoku said person possesses.[3]


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