Technique Type Shinigami Technique
User Kōga Kuchiki
For other anime-exclusive techniques called Illusions, see Illusions

Illusions is a technique used by the Shinigami rebel, Kōga Kuchiki.[1]


Kōga transfers his Reiryoku into his target and is able to use this in order to distort each of their five senses. This allows him to manifest clones of himself from his targets perspective. His opponent is fooled into attacking false targets and are those susceptible to surprise attacks as he can appear further away than he actually is. He infuses his weapons with his own Reiatsu in order to help make these illusions all the more convincing to his target, as the weapons are also cloned during his attacks thus confusing his opponent even more during battle. If Kōga's adversary closes off their heart before engaging him in battle, they can negate this ability.[1]


Illusions Anime Gallery


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