Appearances in Other Media


Ichigo has appeared in all Bleach movies thus far.

Video Games

Ichigo is playable in all Bleach video games to date.

  • In the Bleach: Heat the Soul series, he has appeared in his Substitute Shinigami form, Shikai and Bankai form. While using Bankai, he can don his Hollow mask, which drains his energy meter while being worn. If the meter is empty, the mask dissipates. In Heat the Soul 7, his second Hollow form is available for Ichigo as a transformation for him, rather than his inner Hollow.
  • Ichigo appears in Bleach: Soul Resurrección, where he is playable in his Bankai, post-Dangai training, and Skull-Clad forms. In his Bankai form, Ichigo can use Chiretsu Hōgeki (地裂崩撃, Earth-Rending Felling Strike), where he strikes the ground and damages enemies around him with a swirl of Reiatsu, and Tenbu Renjin (天舞連迅, Swift Series of Heaven-Dance), where he leaps into the air and slashes repeatedly in all directions, damaging any nearby enemies. In his post-Dangai training form, Ichigo can use Kūretsusen (空裂閃, Sky-Rending Flash), a long-range slash attack that damages enemies multiple times upon impact, and Kokuryū Gatotsu (黒流牙突, Black Style Piercing Fang), where Ichigo generates black Reiatsu around his right arm before rushing forward, damaging anything in his path. In his Skull-Clad form, Ichigo can use Onryūha (怨流破, Grudging Coursing Rend), where he fires a small, skull-shaped blast of yellow energy at an opponent, and Meisen Hōgeki (冥旋崩撃, Dark Whirling Felling Strike), a stronger version of Chiretsu Hōgeki. Additionally, in this form, his Ignition Attack is Rengoku Getsuga Tenshō (煉獄月牙天衝, Purgatorial Moon Fang Heaven-Piercer), where Ichigo gathers energy from Hell around his blade before firing it at his opponent.
  • In Bleach: The Blade of Fate and Bleach: Dark Souls, he can attack with black waves of spiritual energy when he is in his Bankai state and cannot flinch. He can use a technique called Zangetsu, which sends a blue or black crescent wave of spiritual energy at the foe.
  • In Bleach: Blade Battlers, when he puts on his Hollow mask while in Bankai, he can only wear it for 11 seconds, and can use Getsuga Tenshō twice.
  • Ichigo, along with various Bleach characters, appears as an orange suit in Pockie Ninja.

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