Getsuga Jūjishō
583Getsuga Jujisho
Kanji 月牙十字衝
English Moon Fang Cross-Shaped Piercer
Technique Type Zanpakutō
User Ichigo Kurosaki

Getsuga Jūjishō (月牙十字衝, Moon Fang Cross-Shaped Piercer; Viz "Moon Fang Cross Blast") is a technique of Ichigo Kurosaki's true Shikai, Zangetsu.


Firing a Getsuga Tenshō with each blade of his true Shikai, Ichigo fuses them into a large, cross-shaped blast of energy. It is powerful enough to disperse Candice Catnipp's Electrocution technique[1] and completely obliterate her left arm on contact.[2]


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  2. Bleach manga; Chapter 584, pages 1-2 & 7-8


Ichigo Kurosaki Techniques

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