Kanji 臥豚殿
English Lying Pig Palace
Location Statistics
Type Main City
Located In Kirio Hikifune's City, Soul King Palace
Controlled By Kirio Hikifune
Primary Function HQ of Kirio Hikifune
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 521
Anime N/A

Gatonden (臥豚殿, Lying Pig Palace) is a building in the city that forms the headquarters of the Royal Guard member, Kirio Hikifune.[1]


The building itself is comprised from a number of adjoining, pillared rotundas that together serve as the home of Kirio Hikifune, who refers to it as "a palace of food". While the exterior of these structures are largely open, they have walls constructed from several, gigantic noren. Housed within are large areas for food preparation, presentation and dining.[2]


The main feature of this palace is a large dining hall where the feasts prepared by Kirio, using her specialized Reiatsu-infused cooking, are consumed. The room itself contains a single, enormous dining table that is surrounded by chairs and lit from above by several lanterns suspended from the ceiling.[1]


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