Kanji 四大瀞霊門門番
English Four Great Seireimon Gatekeepers
Romaji Shidai Seireimon Monban
Affiliation Soul Society
Purpose Guarding the Shidai Seireimon

The Four Great Seireimon Gatekeepers (四大瀞霊門門番, Shidai Seireimon Monban) are the guardians of Seireitei's gates.


The gatekeepers are charged with protecting the Seireitei from intruders by ensuring that they do not pass through the Four Great Seireimon (四大瀞霊門, Shidai Seireimon). All four gatekeepers are individuals of incredible size, and are considered elite members of Soul Society.[1] Each one of them is assigned a specific gate to preside over.


Gatekeeper Gate Direction Gate Name
Jidanbō Ikkanzaka West White Road Gate (白道門, Hakutōmon)[2]
Higonyūdō South Red Hollow Gate (朱洼門, Shuwaimon)[2]
Danzōmaru North Black Ridge Gate (黒隆門, Kokuryōmon)[2]
Kaiwan East Blue Stream Gate (青流門, Shōryūmon)[2]


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