Gōen Ryūga
Kanji 業炎龍牙
English Ultra Dragon Fang Flame
Technique Type Zanpakutō
User Shūsuke Amagai

Gōen Ryūga (業炎龍牙, Ultra Dragon Fang Flame) is a technique of Shūsuke Amagai's Bankai, Raika Gōen Kaku.


Twirling his sword above his head, which covers the blade with fire as flames shoot from the pauldron, while lightning builds, Amagai slams the blade into the ground as lighting strikes. As the ground begins to shake, multiple fire spears shoot from the ground at various angles to trap the opponent in a prison of flames. Additionally, Amagai can choose to release at least one fire spear at a time from the ground. However, this technique leaves Amagai looking very tired.[1]


Anime Image Gallery


  1. Bleach anime; Episode 188


Shūsuke Amagai Techniques

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