English Din/Clamor
Rōmaji Furagōru
Kanji フラゴール
Technique Type Hōgyoku
User Sōsuke Aizen

Fragor (フラゴール, Furagōru; Spanish for "Din/Clamor") is a technique used by Sōsuke Aizen in his Final Hōgyoku Fusion.


After forming a bluish-purple sphere of energy in one of the mouths on the top of his wings, Aizen launches it toward his target. Upon impact, the sphere explodes with enough force to create a large crater and releases a shockwave which can be felt miles away from the blast site. It left Ichigo Kurosaki with a heavily burnt arm.[1]


  1. Bleach manga; Chapter 419, pages 11-15


Sōsuke Aizen Techniques

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