Kanji 電滅刑 (エレクトロキューション)
Rōmaji Erekutorokyūshon
English Japanese for "Electrical Destruction Punishment"
Technique Type Quincy
User Candice Catnipp

Electrocution (電滅刑 (エレクトロキューション), Erekutorokyūshon; Japanese for "Electrical Destruction Punishment") is a technique of The Thunderbolt used by Sternritter "T" Candice Catnipp.


Candice points her arm upward, causing a huge column of electricity to surge around her. She concentrates this electricity around her arm, with some of it radiating from her eyes as well, before throwing it at her opponent in the form of a massive blast of electricity.[1]


  1. Bleach manga; Chapter 583, pages 12-14


Candice Catnipp Techniques

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