El Uno Picotear
Kanji 単鳥嘴踋 (エル・ウノ・ピコテアル)
Rōmaji Eru Uno Pikotearu
English Spanish for "The One Pecking"

Japanese for "Single Bird Beak Skid"

Technique Type Arrancar
User Dordoni Alessandro Del Socaccio

El Uno Picotear (単鳥嘴踋 (エル・ウノ・ピコテアル), eru uno pikotearu; Spanish for "The One Pecking", Japanese for "Single Bird Beak Skid")[1] is a technique used by Dordoni Alessandro Del Socaccio in his Resurrección, Giralda.


With any of the kicks made in his released form, Dordoni can direct the respective bird-like extension, which juts outward from either of the cyclones adjacent to him, in order to execute long-range attacks.[2] The dispatched beak is sent out with tremendous force and mimics the prior motion of Dordoni's leg, drawing with it the wind from the cyclone.[1] In addition to a single peck being able to shatter the floor of Tres Cifras, an opponent can be restrained and positioned within the beak so as to be rendered vulnerable to further attacks.[3]

Despite their considerable offensive power, these extensions are not especially durable.[4] However, they can be easily regenerated, regardless of the amount of damage they receive.[5]


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Dordoni Alessandro Del Socaccio Techniques

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