El Martillo
Kanji 怪槌 (エル・マルティージョ)
Rōmaji Eru Marutījo
English Spanish for "The Hammer",

Japanese for "Fey/Spectral Hammer"

Technique Type Hollow
User Ayon

El Martillo (怪槌 (エル・マルティージョ), eru marutījo; Spanish for "The Hammer", Japanese for "Fey/Spectral Hammer")[1] is a technique used by the Hollow, Ayon.


Ayon's right arm rapidly enlarges to more than double its original thickness, bringing with it a proportionate increase in the arm's mass and, as a result, a drastic rise in its destructive power.[1] When used against Captain-Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto, Ayon only resorted to the technique once enraged after being injured, but the subsequent attack failed to connect, due to Yamamoto's proficiency in Shunpo.[2]


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