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Artist universe
Released 2010.08.04
Type Anime Ending Theme
Episode Span Episode 279 - Episode 291

echoes is the twenty-fourth ending theme for the Bleach anime. It is used from Episode 279 to 291.

Track List

  1. echoes


Bleach ending 2401:29

Bleach ending 24


Japanese Romaji

Koe sae ushinattemo

boku was koko de utau darou

Koko kara hibike

Miminari ni kesareta seijaku no yoru

Katachi nai mirai wo oikaketeta

Sono te wa kuu wo tsukande kita kedo

Listen to it, Listen to it

Deai ga tsumuideku melody

Listen to me, Listen to me

Oto ni kawaru

Ima wa mada konna ni chiisana kona koe ga

Itsuka wa tsuyoku hibiiteku kara

Listen to it, Listen to it

Yasashiku yuriokoso melody

Listen to me, Listen to me

Kimi ga omou kimi he

English Translation

Even if my voice dies out,

I will sing, even here,

And my song will be heard here!

The troubled night is buzzing in my ears

I will continue running after my uncertain future

But my hands only close in air again,

Listen to it, Listen to it,

The melody created from our confrontations.

Listen to me, Listen to me,

I will turn it into sound,

My voice remains fragile,

But one day, it will blare with force!

Listen to it, Listen to it,

The melody that you will wake up gently,

Listen to me, Listen to me,

Forwards to you as you imagine


The characters in the twenty-fourth ending theme animation, in order of appearance, are:


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