Devorar Pluma
Kanji 餓翼連砲 (デボラ・プルーマ)
Rōmaji Debora Puruma
English Spanish for "Devouring Feather"

Japanese for "Hungry Wing Rapid-Fire Gun"

Technique Type Resurrección
User Abirama Redder

Devorar Pluma (餓翼連砲 (デボラ・プルーマ), Debora Puruma; Spanish for "Devouring Feather", Japanese for "Hungry Wing Rapid-Fire Gun") is a technique used by Abirama Redder while in his Resurrección, Águila.


After activating his Resurrección, Águila, Abirama gains a bird-like appearance, including heavy wings which he can use for flight and attack. Abirama's wings can shoot feathers, but unlike normal feathers, these are as heavy as steel and can regenerate rapidly after being tossed.[1] He can fire them with extreme accuracy, be it directly at the target or the surrounding area. They are strong enough to pierce through buildings with ease.[2]


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  2. Bleach manga; Chapter 323, pages 8-10


Abirama Redder Techniques

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