Devorar Erupcion
Kanji 噴血餓相 (デボラル・エルプシオン)
Rōmaji Deboraru Erupushion
English Spanish for "Devouring Eruption"

Japanese for "Blood-Spuming Rapacity"

Technique Type Resurrección
User Abirama Redder

Devorar Erupcion (噴血餓相 (デボラル・エルプシオン), Deboraru Erupushion; Spanish for "Devouring Eruption", Japanese for "Blood-Spuming Rapacity") is a technique used by Abirama Redder while in his Resurrección, Águila.


By slicing along his chest tattoos with his talons to draw spiritually energized blood, Abirama splits his wings into two pairs. In addition to increasing his maneuverability, this alteration gives him a more intricate and detailed mask.[1]


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  1. Bleach manga; Chapter 323, pages 11-12


Abirama Redder Techniques

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