Deadly Darts
Rōmaji Deddorī Dātsu
Kanji デッドリー・ダーツ
User Zangetsu

Deadly Darts (デッドリー・ダーツ, Deddorī Dātsu)[1] is a technique used by Zangetsu while utilizing his Shikai, Zangetsu.


By gripping the cloth on the hilt of his sword, Zangetsu can swing his Zanpakutō and toss it at opponents for mid-range combat. The blade moves very quickly when thrown, and it can damage a building upon impact. If the target dodges the attack, Zangetsu can use the cloth to change the sword's direction and try to hit the target once more. By gripping the cloth, he withdraws the blade and swings it to attack again.[2][3]


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