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Chikasumi no Tate
Kanji 血霞の盾
Rōmaji Blood Mist Shield
Technique Type Zanpakutō
User Kisuke Urahara

Chikasumi no Tate (血霞の盾, Blood Mist Shield; Viz "Shield of Blood-Mist") is a technique of Kisuke Urahara's Zanpakutō, Benihime.


After Urahara utters the command "Cry", a hexagonal-shaped crimson barrier is formed in front of Benihime for defensive tactics. The barrier can easily block a direct punch from an Espada without damage to itself or repercussions to Urahara,[1] and blocked Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshō while only slightly eroding, after which Urahara admitted he would have lost an arm were it not for the shield.[2]


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Kisuke Urahara Techniques

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