Kanji 百奇皇手 (センチュリオン)
Rōmaji Senchurion
English Spanish for "Centurion"

Japanese for "Hundred Wondrous Imperial Hands"

Technique Type Arrancar
User Wonderweiss Margela

Centurion (百奇皇手 (センチュリオン), senchurion; Spanish for "Centurion", Japanese for "Hundred Wondrous Imperial Hands")[1] is a technique used by Wonderweiss Margela in his Resurrección, Extinguir.


By tearing apart the tops of his shoulders, Wonderweiss can produce dozens of arms from within the openings of these wounds which can stretch to enormous lengths and number in excess of one hundred.[1] While these arms can be manipulated individually as easily as his original limbs, they can also be used simultaneously to pummel a single opponent with a devastating barrage of fists.[2]


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Wonderweiss Margela Techniques

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