Catharsis of Eternity is a song from Rock Musical Bleach.


The Live Bankai Show Code: 002 Version

Catharsis of Eternity Subbed02:57

Catharsis of Eternity Subbed

The Live Bankai Show Code: 003 Version

Code 003 - Catharsis of Eternity02:43

Code 003 - Catharsis of Eternity

Japanese Romaji Lyrics

midare odoru senritsu ga
kirisaita kizuguchi kara deru

shita ni kanjiru kono nigami
yume no fuchi kidaruku madoromu

kodoku wa hajime kara
shikakerareteita no ni

shinayakana life
catharsis of eternity
kokoroha rinkaku naku su
yoru hamou nanimo katara nai
modosenai life
catharsis of eternity
mune wo utsu seijaku

mukanshin ga ii

katamuku sekai
dare ni mo eien wa

eternal balance is in place
misekake no love
catharsis of eternity
subete wo kowashitakunaru sore wa mou
boukyaku no karada

tsuki hanasu love
catharsis of eternity
kuchihateta hana hodo e ni naru kara ii
catharsis of eternity


Since the actor portraying Aizen was not able to perform in The Live Bankai Show Code: 003, the cast had an uso contest with the winner singing Aizen's part. (The uso contest was a competition wherein the contestant would pick a person to prank. The contestant then finishes by saying "Uso". However, if the contestant really meant what he/she did, then they say "Hontou". The winner would be picked according to the degree of the prank.) Some of the winners included Renji, the Tenth Division (Hitsugaya and Matsumoto) and the entire cast.


The song was sung in No Clouds in the Blue Heavens, The Live Bankai Show Code: 002, and The Live Bankai Show Code: 003.

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