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  • PsychoWolf101

    I'm creating this blog because since the manga has ended it should be easier to do and it will help expand the wikia. Also many other wikis use them so why not this one as well

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  • Maattthhhh

    Adam and Eve

    You know the story: Eve was tempted by the snake to eat the forbidden fruit, and Adam following suit. From there, they were punished and banished from Eden. So how does this apply in Bleach? We know that Aizen had something to do with the increase of Hollow appearance in Kurakara town. This led to one of them attacking the Kurosaki residence in the first episode. Because of the Hogyoku inside her, Rukia has been weakened and was unable to kill the hollow. Thus, she was forced to turn Ichigo to a Shinigami – an act forbidden by the Gotei 13.

    From then on, these two were forced to learn from the new world that they live in – Ichigo had to learn the ways of a Shinigami, and Rukia had to cope with living as a human. So right there, …

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  • Maattthhhh

    Soken Ishida is the grandfather of Uryu Ishida and father of Ryuken Ishida. Although he had a close bond with the former, it’s the complete opposite to the latter. Because he is constantly not around during Ryuken’s childhood, the two had grown distant. But it was never specified as to what kept him busy during those years, aside from being a doctor.

    At an early age, Soken has taught Uryu the ways of the Quincy – techniques, innate abilities and equipments. And according to Uryu, he was trying to make arrangements with the Shinigami so they can work together to defeat Hollows. But the very nature of the Quincy power prevented that from happening. Could Soken have known about Juha Bach and his second coming? More importantly, could he have k…

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  • Theformerprez

    These are the top 10 most weakest/disappointing Bankais in Bleach!!!

    Okay guys let’s get right into the flame war and discuss some of the worst and most disappointing Bankai(s) throughout the history of Bleach. To make this unfortunate list, the users of their respective Bankais must either have a Bankai that is either inefficient, lame, didn’t live up to MY expectations or just plain disappointing. Of course these are my opinions of course, and I would love to hear your opinions. Just to iterate, these are my opinions guys, and of course you wouldn’t all agree but I love meaningful discussion.

    1. Ichigo Kurosaki – Tensa Zangetsu So we barely know anything about this Bankai because the troll lord Yhwach broke it..... twice!!! It’s big, it’…

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  • Ichimaru-Tsang

    Since the content of the 74th and final volume of Bleach was leaked online a few days prior to it's official release, many fans are complaining about the lack of extra content it holds... Which is reasonable I guess.

    However, following it's official release today, it seems like we won't be left with an empty void of nothingness after all: there is apparently an announcement for two novels on the wrap around the volume jacket; the first one being about "Renji and Rukia's story", which will be released in December of this year and the next one will be about "Hisagi's battle", which is due for a release in 2017.

    I have no information about when the two novels are set within the Bleach timeline. I'm guessing it's during the 10 year time-skip for…

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  • Maattthhhh

    Ichigo the Nephilim

    One interpretation of the Nephilim is that they are the offspring of an angel and a human. And in some cases, they are considered as a bad omen. In pop culture, they are even considered to be the cause of doomsday.

    The Shinigami is probably the closest we can get to a Bleach version of an angel. Ironic, considering that they translate into Grim Reaper in the West. And although they lack the ability to do divine and miracle works, they still have the ability to purify souls and usher them to Soul Society.

    As for the Quincy, though they have the ability to manipulate reishi, they are still considered human.

    Ichigo from the very start always wanted a normal life. But he nevertheless finds himself in the middle of two opposing …

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  • Xilinoc

    It's been over three months since I last wrote a blog on here and I don't know how many people are actually gonna see this, but I figure it's worth a shot.

    The final arc's handling of characters old and new was...inconsistent, to say the least. Many characters, such as the Visored, who should've had their time to shine were pushed aside yet again, while mainstays like Kenpachi, Hitsugaya, and Byakuya were not only heavily featured, especially toward the end, but even brought back from the dead due to fan outcry (I stand by the fact that this happened to Byakuya fite me scrubs). However, I want to take time to focus on the characters, returning and newly introduced during the final 207 chapters, who were genuinely and properly handled for mo…

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  • Maattthhhh

    Juha Bach - A Biblical Interpretation

    A lot of Youtubers have labelled Juha Bach as the "Quincy Jesus" - from the way he healed people ever since he was a child, to him being the son of the god of the Bleachverse, to his godlike abilities to see and change the future.

    But it goes further than that. If you recall Christian beliefs 101, you can see that the Old and New Testament varied vastly with their themes. Where the God of the Old Testament has a more Dictatorial rule - Noah and the flood, Genocide, Tower of Babel, etc. Then comes the New Testament, where Jesus encouraged humility and mercy, what with Do-not-do-unto-others and Forgive-them-for-they-know-not-what-they-do kinds of quotes. Could it be that Kubo intended to make a parallel wi…

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  • Maattthhhh

    Aizen = Lucifer???

    It's not uncommon for a Bleach fan to compare Aizen with Lucifer, the fallen angel in Christian theology who was cast down to hell to rule until the day of judgment. Being thought of at first to be a kind captain of squad five, he turned out to be a master manipulator just so he can get the Hogyoku from Urahara and wage war against Seireitei.

    His ultimate goal being to create the Soul King's key and kill the Soul King, it's reminiscent of how Lucifer intended to rally all the other fallen angels to wage war against the Christian God. He managed to gather some of the strongest hollows he can find and turn them into Arrancar (which probably makes them the demons?)

    But what's interesting, and I think Kubo was also planning to …

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  • CheeZFingerSlim


    October 13, 2016 by CheeZFingerSlim

    What's next, ya'll? Bleach is over (and hopefully some supplementary materials are on their way), so what's next for you friendly folk? Off to find new Wikis?

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