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Bleach: Heat the Soul 6
Kanji "BLEACH":ヒート・ザ・ソウル・シクス
Romanji BLEACH: Heat the Soul
Developer 8ing
Publisher SCEI
Release Flag of Japan May 14, 2009
Genre Fighting
Modes Single player, Multiplayer
Ratings CERO All ages
Platforms PlayStation Portable

Bleach: Heat the Soul 6 is the sixth installment in the Bleach: Heat the Soul series. Like its predecessors, it is a PlayStation Portable exclusive. Changes from the last game include Dark Rukia, the Visored in their Turn Back The Pendulum costume, Kisuke Urahara, Kaname Tōsen, and Sōsuke Aizen in their respective Turn Back The Pendulum outfits.


The gameplay has been tweaked a little, but it is similar to the last game in the series.

Playable characters


  • Despite the fact that the game followed the anime, Tier Harribel has some moves that were not shown in the anime upon the release of the game.


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