Bleach: Brave Souls
Brave Souls Title
Publisher KLab Global Pte. Ltd.
Release Flag of Japan July 23, 2015
Flag of the U.S. January 14, 2016
Genre Action
Ratings 4.0 on Google Play Store

4.5 Stars on App Store

Platforms Android, iOS

Bleach: Brave Souls is an action game based on Bleach for Android and iOS devices. The game is published by KLab Global Pte. Ltd. and goes through the entire story of Bleach up to the Lost Agent arc.

Playable characters

Playable characters are rated by a rarity range from one to six stars, one star being the most common, and five stars being the rarest and hardest to obtain. Once maxing out a five stars soul tree and level you can evolve it to six star. Some characters aren't evolvable though. Six stars could also be obtained in a summon gacha once and haven't been in a summons since then but they might come back in a future gacha.

At the beginning of the Story mode, the player starts with a two-star Ichigo Kurosaki and gets one random Summon character for free. If the player earns gift boxes during a quest, they can receive various characters from it (one to four stars, depending on the quest). Characters can also be unlocked by using Summon in the Shop/Summon mode. Summoning one character, which costs 25 Spirit Orbs, will grant the player a random character. The player can also choose to summon ten characters at once, for a cost of 250 Spirit Orbs. Doing this will guarantee at least one of the summoned characters being four star or higher . Some special events will also give the player Normal Summons Tickets and Premium Summons Tickets, which can be redeemed for a free summon. A Normal Ticket will grant the player a character from two to five stars, while a Premium Ticket will grant the player a character from three to five stars. Since April 2016, other variations of Summoning Tickets have arrived. The Brave Souls tickets grants a random character from three to five stars at a slightly increased rate, while the 4/5* Tickets guarantees a four- or rarely a five-star characters.

All character progression are based on leveling, ascension, and Soul Tree progression. Leveling in the same way as traditional leveling of characters in MMO/RPGs. Ascension is a process where the player must use a series of fodder characters to increase a leveling limit point. The Soul Tree progression focuses on a complex RPG stat tree where players must increase each nodes of several stats (Attack, Defense, Stamina, Focus, Spiritual Pressure) using crystals (for one to five stars) or Jewels (for six star characters). Players can get Crystals or Jewels from Story, Coop, or Urahara Training Ground.

Since the first of July 2016, the Awakening System has been released to the game. Awakening involves taking a level 100 and 100% Soul Tree five star character and fusing it with a special Jewel called the Hōgyoku. The amount of Hogyoku required for Awakening differs on characters. After Awakening, the rarity of the selected five star becomes a six star. In addition to Awakening, the level is reset back to 1 and the Soul Tree is changed to include Skill Nodes, which used to physically enhance a character's certain skill. Skill Nodes requires a specific character, which can be dropped from the new Character Raid Quest. After Awakening, the Soul Tree progression now requires Jewels unlike crystals. Jewels can be found in the Character Raid quest, Raid Coop, or in Kon's Shop.

As of early June 2017, after a player reached 6* Lv150 and 100% Soul Tree on their character, they are granted the option to Release them. Release is a process of unlocking more levels on a maxed out 6* character to further enhance their stats. To Release a character, the player is required to use Hogyoku's Will, which are found rarely in Character Raids, or given guaranteed as Orders rewards, or through high-tier PVP rankings. After the character is Released, the Soul Tree is expanded to show unlockable Level nodes. The nodes are unlocked using Droplets, which are found only in Raids and sometimes rarely in the Inheritance Zone. Number of Hogyoku's Wills and and Droplet for Releasing characters are varied, but all Released characters can increase their level up to 200.

Some characters from the Bleach universe are available across multiple rarities and attributes, along with some also being available in certain "event" versions (New Years, Valentine's Day, and White Day, among others). Currently, the following characters are playable:[1]

Game modes

  • Story: A playthrough of the entire story of Bleach up to the Fake Karakura Town arc. With each completed quest, the story progresses. Each quest will use one Soul Ticket, and if the player uses all their Soul Tickets, they must wait until a certain amount of time passes or buy more with Spirit Orbs. During Story mode, temporary quests will appear that task the player to complete a specific objective.
  • Brave Battles: The player pits their three-character team against another player's team. The player can choose what characters to use and attributes to strengthen their characters with in order to gain the advantage, but otherwise the battle is completely automated. Winning battles will increase the player's score and allow them to be promoted from the Seated Officer class to Lieutenant, and then to Captain.
  • Co-Op Quests: The player can team up with one to three other players to complete cooperative challenges. They can join an existing room or create a new one. During challenges, players can set pre-existing chat phrases to communicate with the others.
  • Shop/Summon: Where the player can summon new characters and activate new accessories. The summon will be random, but certain options increase the likelihood of gaining higher-level items. Players can also purchase Spirit Orbs, Coins, Soul Tickets, EXP Boosters, Character Slots, and Accessory Slots with real money.
  • Edit: Where the player can edit their character teams and view character statistics. They can also augment their characters' strength in several ways: by performing an Ascension, which fuses the character with selected unused characters to gain EXP, by equipping them with accessories, or by linking them with other characters. There is also the Soul Tree, which has various stat boosts that can be bought with coins.
  • Inventory: The player can view their accessories, characters, and crystals, and can equip their characters with accessories.
  • Friends: The player can friend other users in the game and view their game statistics. The player can also friend others through social networks.
  • Orders: Where the player can view various achievements and collect rewards for completing them.
  • Gift Box: Where the player can collect gifts, Soul Tickets, and Friend Points for completing various objectives in the game.
  • Options: Where the player can alter various game settings and look at the help menu.
  • Chat: The player can chat online with other game players. Whilst a user is in play, they can then choose to switch rooms by clicking the change room button.
  • Login Bonus When a player logs into the game daily they will receive the following items: Soul Tickets, Coins, Spirit Orbs, rare medals, Medium stamina crystals, Normal summons tickets and Premium summons tickets. After getting these items they will be sent to the Gift Box where they can be collected.
  • Events When a player accesses the game, they can take part in various events where they can earn characters with a higher star number and can therefore be obtained by completing all three tasks: Normal, Hard and Very Hard. For some events, Nightmare and Extreme mode can be unlocked once the first three difficulties are completed.


  • In English versions of the game, several characters are listed with alternate spellings of their names, like Suì-Fēng and Yylfordt Granz.
  • The game also does not include the macrons in characters' names that distinguish the long vowels in the spelling.


The game received mixed reviews, earning an average of 3.8 out of 5, from about sixteen thousand users, on the Google Play Store after the first week of its English release. Customers praised its gameplay, but criticized how the game was unable to be downloaded on rooted devices.

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