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Barón Puntapiés Alto
Kanji 男爵蹴踋術・上段 (バロン・プンタビエス・アルト)
Rōmaji Baron Puntabiesu Aruto
English Spanish for "Baron High Kicks",

Japanese for "Baron Kick Skid - Upper Tier"

Technique Type Arrancar
User Dordoni Alessandro Del Socaccio

Barón Puntapiés Alto (男爵蹴踋術・上段 (バロン・プンタビエス・アルト), baron puntabiesu aruto; Spanish for "Baron High Kicks", Japanese for "Baron Kick Skid - Upper Tier")[1] is a technique used by the Arrancar, Dordoni Alessandro Del Socaccio.


Dordoni uses a powerful leg movement, such as a backward kick, in order to intercept and nullify an opponent's attack, such as Ichigo Kurosaki's Getsuga Tenshō.[2] In actuality, there are three varieties of this technique which are utilized based on the height of the incoming attack — "Upper Tier" (上段), "Middle Tier" (中段), and "Lower Tier" (下段).[1]


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Dordoni Alessandro Del Socaccio Techniques

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