Anima Rossa
Anima Rossa
Artist Porno Graffitti
Released 2009.11.25
Type Anime Opening Theme
Episode Span Episode 243 - Episode 265

Anima Rossa is Porno Graffiti's 29th single. The title track was used as eleventh opening theme song for the Bleach anime, and it was featured from Episode 243 through 265.

Track List

1. Anima Rossa (アニマロッサ)
2. Shoukibou Na Haiboku (小規模な敗北, A Small Defeat)
3. Jaken ni Shinaide (邪険にしないで, Don't Be Cold To Me)


Bleach opening 1101:31

Bleach opening 11. animenakamaful




Kaze wo kiru tsubame no you ni

isshun de mezasu aoi umi e yukeru nara

konna ni doro to hokori ni mamireta ibara no michi wo yukazu sunda no ni

senaka ni wa tsubasa wo haezu

kono ashi wa motsure tsumazuki saki wa mada nagai

soredemo otokotachi wa itamuki ni arukitsuzukeru

kimi ga koko ni iru koto de boku wa kono tabi no saki wo shiru darou

ashimoto wo terashitekureru hikari no you ni kagayaiteru

kimi to koko ni iru koto wo boku wa sore wo ai to yonde ii no ka

kono karada kono kokoro kimi wo zutto mamoritai

soba ni iru

owari made

English Translation

If I could only fly like the swallows in the sky,

Shooting straight towards the blue ocean...

My pride wouldn't have left me lost on this path... but still,

I can't sprout wings from my back -

My legs will have to stumble down a long, long road.

But I'm a man, I've gotta keep pressing onward

I only know where I'm going because I've got you by my side

Like a light shining on my feet, serving as my guide

Is this love? Is that what I feel when we're together?

All I know is my body, my heart, suddenly can't bear to leave you

I'll be up in the sky

Until the end


The characters in the eleventh opening theme animation, in order of appearance, are:


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