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Ala Cortadola Hachador
Kanji 断人“大斧”(アラ・コルタドーラ・アチャドール)
Rōmaji Ara Korutadōra Achadōru
English Spanish for "Wing Cutter Axman"

Japanese for "Severer Great Ax"

Technique Type Resurrección
User Cirucci Sanderwicci

Ala Cortadola Hachador (断人“大斧”(アラ・コルタドーラ・アチャドール), Ara Korutadōra Achadōru; Spanish for "Wing Cutter Axman", Japanese for "Severer Great Ax") is a technique used by Cirucci Sanderwicci in her Resurrección, Golondrina.


Cirucci's wings and arms consume a large amount of her Reiryoku, but she can bypass this issue by removing them from her body. Doing so removes this drain, and allows her to focus the remainder of her Reiryoku into a single weapon. The tip of her tail splits in half and projects a large, pink energy fan.[1]


  1. Bleach manga; Chapter 258, pages 13-17


Cirucci Sanderwicci Techniques

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