Ala Cortadola Gradiator
Kanji 断人“剣士”(アラ・コルタドーラ・グラディアトール)
Rōmaji Ara Korutadōra Guradiatōru
English Spanish for "Wing Cutter Gladiator"

Japanese for "Severer Swordsman"

Technique Type Resurrección
User Cirucci Sanderwicci

Ala Cortadola Gradiator (断人“剣士”(アラ・コルタドーラ・グラディアトール), Ara Korutadōra Guradiatōru; Spanish for "Wing Cutter Gladiator", Japanese for "Severer Swordsman") is a technique used by Cirucci Sanderwicci in her Resurrección, Golondrina.


By transforming the spiritual energy at the end of her tail into a sword-like form, Cirucci can use it to fight sword-wielding opponents from a distance.[1]


Ala Cortadola Gradiator Manga Gallery

Ala Cortadola Gradiator Anime Gallery


  • While the accurate spelling of the Spanish words would be "Cortadora" and "Gladiador", it is spelled as "Cortadola" and "Gradiator" in official spellings.[2]


  1. Bleach manga; Chapter 258, pages 17-19
  2. Bleach Official Character Book 3 UNMASKED, page 147


Cirucci Sanderwicci Techniques

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